The Pleroo Nation (TPN) is divinely ordained by God to move the BRIDE OF CHRIST (The Church) to the height, place, position, and status of completeness, balance, prosperity, and perfection in Christ thus, making her without spots or wrinkle, prepared for her groom and complete in him. Col.2:10, Col.1:28-29, Eph 5:27, 1Cor.1:8,10. 


    Our mandate is to raise men into completeness in Christ Jesus.


    Our vision drives us to raise men;

  • By equipping them in every sphere of life,
  • By getting them full of God’s word,
  • By making them have an undying love for the lord and his work,
  • By making them radical about reaching out and saving the lost and,
  • By making them have a consistent fellowship with God which creates a healthy Hunger and thirst to know God personally John 6:35, 3:16. This will make them COMPLETE IN HIM Col 2:10


    Raising men into completeness in God…..Col 2:10



       G: Giving to missions and the needy

       R: Reviving the land.

       A: Authority in Christ.

       C: Covenanting with God.

       E: Evangelism.


      1. Pleasing God.

      2. Living in His Grace.

      3. Revealing His Glory.



    The presence of people makes the earth a habitation, thus the absence of people makes the earth a desert. Men are assets to success and no man is an island or compendium of knowledge. Hinged on these, destinies are tied to each other little wonder you are one to four persons away from the person you need. Men who go far in life and attain great heights are men who value fellow men. Sequel to the preceding paragraph we [TPN] believe in the resources in men because we know that God uses men to work. Our mission is to RAISE ‘MEN’, not the air.

     As a commission, total submission to the mandate is our total take, we are sold out to ensure every man committed to us by our Heavenly Father attains the height, status, place, and position of completeness, balance, prosperity, and perfection in Christ; because for this purpose were we made manifest.

    In order to fulfill this purpose, we endlessly and tirelessly deliver teachings inspired by the Holy Spirit and organize programmes geared towards our purpose. For these teachings to be planted, germinate and grow into trees to feed men it requires a soil, which is the heart. The mandate of The Pleroo Nation makes her of great importance to humanity.



    Every man has a gift deposited by God in him to make him a gift to humanity, and one of the keys to prosperity is maximizing of gifts (Pro. 18:16, Pro. 17:8). Gifts are to be treasured, precious, and treated with respect and also given utmost preference.

    Being that our core message is Jesus Christ and you are gifted by God and a gift to us, you are one of God’s numerous human keys to the doors of many hearts. God uses man to carry out His purposes on earth; hence, we believe that God can use every individual who avails himself/herself to carry out His purpose on earth.


The Pleroo Nation is a spiritual and physical going concern this implies, that she continues to operate in a continuous glory to glory increase pattern till Jesus comes to take the church. Everyone who is a committed part of The Pleroo Nation should expect the same glory to glory experience in their lives. As a result of this, our future in TPN is a glory to glory experience until Jesus comes.

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.  Proverbs 4:18


Our God-given areas of concentration in a bid to fulfill our heavenly mandate are called pillars. The word of God is holistic and compound as such these pillars are given for efficient and effective delivery of our mandate.

  1.  The Word of God. Gen 1:1-28, John 1:1-10
  2.  Prosperity. Job 36:11,Psa 35:27,John 10:10
  3.  God’s Purpose For Man. Gen1:26,28
  4.  Gift(s). 1Cor 12:4-11,Pro 18:6, Pro.17:9
  5.  Spiritual Maturity. 1 Pet 2:2, 1Co 14:20, Eph 4:14 
  6.  Worship and Praise. Ps.9:11, Ps. 67:3&5, Ps 86:9, Ps 95:6
  7.  The Supernatural. Heb 11:3
  8.  Excellence. Dan 5:2
  9.  Balance. 1Chro 16:30, 2Ti 3:17
  10.  Fellowship with The Spirit. Phi 3:10, 1Th 5:23, Gen 1:26
  11.  Passion for Missions. Matt 28:19-20, Matt.10:5. From Jesus’ command, the great commission entails; 


The Pleroo Nation by mandate uses the HOLY BIBLE to preach and teach the word of God.  Eph.5:26 , Heb 5:14, Col 2:10, Prov 16:11, Job 36:11

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