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Chimdi Ohahuna Ministry International welcomes you.

We appreciate your visit and want you to know that the leadership of the ministry appreciates your visit. The scriptures says, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! " Psalms 133:1 KJV. One word that describes "dwell" is continue, we request that you continue with us always by visiting our site more often; doing this will keep us in the unity of faith.

We want you to know that, God has a purpose for you visiting and reaching out to this ministry today. And, we believe God that as you continue with us, they begin to unfold and manifest in your life.

Kindly take your time to go through our pages and resources provided to enhance your spiritual growth. Our vision is to raise men into completeness in Christ and you are one of them. Remain connected!

Grace to you.


President, COMI

Chimdi Maduabuchukwu Ohahuna is a dynamic teacher and preacher of the gospel of Jesus and servant of God, an author, an apostle of Christ and an International conference speaker with the passion to preach the gospel with the heart to take it to the nations of the earth. He does this by reaching out to the nations via the media, books, podcast, gospel campaigns, outreaches, training, and humanitarian activities. 

Chimdi is the president of Chimdi Ohahuna ministry International, COMI and the Lead Pastor of The Pleroo Nation, Ghana, in pursuit of the vision of raising men into completeness in Christ Jesus. Over a decade has continued to minister grace to the broken-hearted, hopeless and lost both locally and internationally. God has favored his ministry with diverse miracles over the years from the healing of lumps to the healing of heart-related challenges to mention a few. It has been a glory to glory ride since the inception of his ministry work.

Using biblical principles, COMI teaches and equips individuals to become full of God’s word, fully furnished in life and become partakers of the finished work of Jesus. Also, as they grow into completeness in Christ they enjoy balance and prosperity in every aspect of life as well as a masterpiece of God here on earth.

Chimdi M. Ohahuna is married to Adefunke Ayoola Ohahuna (co-pastor) and blessed with two wonderful gifts from God, Joshua, and Joanna.

Vice President, COMI


Adefunke Ayoola Ohahuna, is a teacher of the gospel of Jesus and servant of God, an author, and an Instructor. In obedience to God and in agreement with her husband, she shares the gospel of Christ to all nations.

Funke Ohahuna is the vice president of Chimdi Ohahuna ministry International and the co-lead Pastor of The Pleroo Nation, Ghana. Together with Chimdi Ohahuna, she joins in the pursuit of the vision to raise men into completeness in Christ Jesus.


We welcome you to DEEP INSTITUTE.

In these last days, there is a dire need to increase in capacity.

And increase in capacity only come when there is increase in knowledge.

An ever increasing knowledge of Jesus makes for ever increasing capacity.

As we journey together knowing more of Jesus, we sure will experience capacity increase.

We love and appreciate you for showing interest in and/or registered in the institute but, Jesus loves you more than we do.

We look forward to a glorious learning experience as we journey together.

Grace to you!!


Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;(1 Timothy 4:1, KJV).

God gave his servant, Chimdi Ohahuna, a teaching revivalist the task to awaken the body of Christ in these last days. The purpose is so that many will be saved from departing from the faith by reason of the deception and manipulation of Satan.

In pursuit of this revival vision, the body of Christ must in these days boldly stand and say NO to the practice of the works of the flesh in the Church, and every believer is tasked to carry out personal examination to know if they are spiritually minded or carnal Christians. Also, there is the need for understanding the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and the relevance of having them operational in each believer and as a body of Christ.


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Jesus is Lord.

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